Insulated Mittens  Arctic Patrol

    Insulated Mittens Arctic Patrol

    • Фото
    • Фото

    100% Polyester with polyurethane coating
    Lining: fleese
    Insulation: holofil


    Excellent mittens for winter fishing and outdoor activities in nature. On the front part of the retro-reflective  edging and "cushion" of fleece for the nose. The inner part is made of artificial leather, the feature of this material is that it will not let the mitten get wet, even if you take the fish in your hands. The mitten's edge is equipped with a cusp to adjust the volume and elastic tape to be fixed on the hand.

    Доступные размеры:
    International size
    M L XL
    Russian size (sm)
    20-21 22-23 26-26,5
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