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    The universal compression set  Alaskan Walker is designed for use as a hygienic first layer. Anatomic  cut, flat seams and increased elasticity of the fabric allows it  to fit the body tightly, not constraining movements. It is recommended  for active recreation in nature, sports and daily use in urban conditions. The AEROWARM fibers used in the fabric have excellent vapor permeability, moisture retention, and antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. CREORA fibers give fabrics high elasticity, softness and wear resistance, so the proposed kit not only dries quickly without loss of size, but also provides maximum wear comfort.

    Доступные размеры:

    The Russian size 50-52

    (1) Height, cm (2) Breast volume, cm (3) Thigh size, cm
    176-184 100-104 107-110

    The Russian size 52-54

    Height, cm

    Breast volume, cm

    Thigh size, cm

    182 - 190 104 - 108 110-113


    The table shows the parameters of the human body, not the clothes. It is possible to choose the right clothes by size only by trying on. This table helps the buyer to determine their clothing size as closely as possible.

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