Summer outfit

World-class innovative technologies are used in the production of clothing.

Special high-tech lightweight material.

 Material characteristics

 AERO-TEX® is a special high-tech lightweight material. It protects against getting wet and allows the body to breathe, contributing to the evaporation of perspiration at the same time. The basis of this material is a special membrane, which has a layered structure. It adjoins to the inside of the main material of clothing. The microscopic pores of the membrane do not allow water to pass through, but the moisture of the body is ideally get through it.

 Structure of clothes

AERO-TEX® clothing is waterproof and windproof, with glued seams. It provides full protection against wind and precipitation. Breathable membrane provides comfort on a cold day in nature.


RIGHT SEAM Technology. The absence of seams in areas of increased mechanical stress provides wear resistance of the product. The absence of  leg seams on the waders makes it possible to keep durability. All seams are glued and turned up, can withstand high loads, have additional glueing at the nodal points (at the ends and crossing of the seams).


 TRAVEL Design. The use of modern materials helps to reduce the weight of equipment, which plays a big role in fishing trips.

ANTISTRESS Construction. The use of hypoallergenic material on clothing elements that contact with skin areas that are most prone to rubbing and irritation (such as the chin, neck, wrists, etc.)

 RIRI-AquaZip. A special absolutely waterproof zipper fastener produced by the Swiss company RIRI.

AERO-TEX. This modern membrane material guarantees 100% of waterproof and excellent breathing properties of the clothes.

EDS-Ever Dry System. Before sales, each product undergoes quality control and leak testing on specialized equipment. This excepts the drench of a new pair of waders or jackets.

How to choose the size of waders

To ensure that the waders pleased you on fishing and served as long and effectively as possible, it is very important to choose the right size. When  choosing a size, note that the waders should not be small or too large, because this can lead to abrade and drench. It is necessary to determine the correct length and volume. The picture is showing how to do it right.

 How to try on waders correctly

Put on the waders, fasten all the buckles and adjust the length of the braces, then fasten the waist belt. Sit down. Your movements should not be constricted. If your movements are restrained and you feel discomfort, then you need to take a larger size or try on waders with increased growth.

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